“Straight Talk Only in This Room.”

I want to say what a long year, but 2022 is now behind us, is it not? Indeed, it is, but remnants of 22 deeds remain. The highs and lows of time lived. I wanted very much to maintain this blog of sorts upon its inception, but I quickly came to realize STO requires one to dally upon the nature of thought itself.  Time consuming stuff for sure. plus, all of that dallying upon the horrors and wonders of life needed to be strict fodder for my stories. At least until I knew how to make space within myself to handle such a load. 

Amongst other things in 2023, I want to highlight stories I’ve read that I’ve really enjoyed. Stories, for one reason or another, that have had an impact on me, and perhaps, someone else may love it Manipulated words are amazing things. They shape the world.

Post Blog Script

How strange would it be if I rolled a red wagon full of dolls down the wedding aisle as I walked? Wilson would be in my hand of course, but what of Mr. Punch, Folley, Lambert, Grizzly, Dylan, and Wilbur?

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