“Okay, Straight Talk Only in This Room”- A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

From the mind of Wes Craven, the people were gifted A Nightmare on Elm Street, and unbeknownst to Craven (until he wrote A New Nightmare that is) ultimately a door that led to a truth. So, In the words of Nancy Thompson, Darling of the Elm Street kids, and grandmother of The Dream Warriors- Straight Talk Only. 

A Still Image From Nightmare on Elm Street

Ah, The Dream Warriors. A gang of Misfits, that were downed with the crucifying task of being on the front line against the penultimate Freddy Krueger; An embodiment of a particular evil and a door keeper of sorts. that will surely be explored at length throughout the course of Straight Talk Only. Freddy was no faceless serial killer, or one that indulged in the sport of murder for murders sake. If we were to go there, through the door of Straight Talk Only, we would see that Freddy paints a picture of our inadequacies, our fears and tackles them through a “fight to the death” style combat in his own niche of Dreamland.

What and where is Dreamland? It is a realm ironically not limited to a dream state, but instead a plane reached through higher consciousness. Dreamland houses a level of truth that can only be reached through the dark.  Now, this dark does not have to be traversed through the lens of horror, but it can only be reached through that lovely door plaque with the words Straight Talk Only. One may see the sign in their dreams, feel it on the bark of a tree, or run into it on the grocery line, it might even pop up during the middle of physical recreation (harken back to the jump rope girls of ANOES) the door is not limited to shape and wood.

With that being said, throw some dust on your head, clothe yourself in burlap and explore the realm of Truth through speculative fiction, horror, science, and all manner of social area or theory that dare to wade in the waters of Straight Talk Only.

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